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Taking the first step:


Step One


Contact our staff and discuss your experience with mold exposure.


The BioTrek Labs staff is highly trained and will review your conditions of exposure and your concerns. They can provide insight to the many challenges that might be ahead of you regarding exposure to mold. Our years of experience, service and expertise can be a valuable resource to you and your family.



All Tests include the following services:


1.      Transportation of your specimens to the laboratory

2.      All specimen preparation for analysis

3.      All laboratory diagnostics

4.      Profile and all reports and results sent


Step Two


The collection of your blood work, or biological samples used in testing may be collected in one of four ways.


1.      Your own personal physician may collect the specimen

2.      A State certified Para-Med may make the collection or blood draw
3.     A hospital facility
4.     An Urgent Care location


Note* If you are using these results in litigation (a Lawsuit, you are advised NOT to do a self collection from your home. Proper Chain of Custody should be kept with your specimen(s) at all times and a draw service professional should be present during the collection and shipping process.


The type and location of the specimen collection will vary based upon the type of test ordered, the intended use of the results, and the geographical location of the specimens’ collection.


All chain of Custody collections MUST be validated with a State issued, photo identification, i.e., Passport, I.D. Card, or Drivers license.


Refund Policy:                Once your laboratory requisition(s) have been processed, issued and sent to you, due to the upfront administrative costs and processing fees we regret no refund requests will be honored, or refunds issued, after such time.


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