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                      Testing for the Symptoms of Mold Exposure,

                            and Mold Sickness in the Human Body

                                         “No Doctors Appointment Ever Necessary”

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Environmentalists Now Have a Higher Duty

As an environmentalist when it comes to water damaged and moldy structures you now have a higher duty to the client regarding their health and the environment in which they live. The environmental EHAP certification program trains you to talk to your client about their symptoms or illnesses and then quarry their environment for those specific elements, compounds, and secondary metabolites that could be the direct causation of their adverse health effects.

The EHAP laboratory program can than query the human body for the causal connection to those specific environmental elements, compounds, and secondary metabolites that could be the direct causation of your clients’ adverse health conditions. This process makes the new Microbial Services Professionals work an invaluable tool in the litigation process for clients seeking health damages in mold lawsuits.

BioTrek Labs, Linking the Environment Directly to your Client's Health

Environmental Health Assessment Program Laboratories, or “BioTrek Labs”, is America’s number one mold resource lab for pinpointing mold exposure in the human body. BioTrek Laboratories helps people link the exposure of toxic compounds in their environments, i.e. fungus, mold and bacteria to the direct causation of disease within the human body. Never before has there been a more dynamic tool for mold litigation.

Making the Causal Connection

The "REAL DIFFERENCE", BioTrek laboratory results can work directly in conjunction with the Environmental Health Assessment Program, and those Mold / Microbial Service Professionals whom are EHAP Certified. Until now it was thought nearly impossible to directly link fungus, mold, mycotoxins, or mycobacterium from an environment and directly label them as the direct causation of disease within the human body, those days are in the past. BioTrek Labs utilizing the latest advancements in medical testing technologies, combined with recent major advancements in environmental science and testing, now makes it possible to create the biological bridge from microbial contaminates in a specific environment, to detecting those specific and same contaminates within the inhabitants of a particular structure, or environment.

Every Test You’ll Need

BioTrek Labs Mycotoxin, fungal, and mycobacterium tests provide you with “CLIA” certified laboratory reports with results that are easy to read, clearly stated, and back in your hands within days. Never before has it been so fast and easy to get the reports you need. BioTrek's state of the art biological profiling systems and analysis of the human body’s exposure to environmental toxins, mold, invasive fungal infections, and Mycotoxins provides you with fast and accurate reporting. No more guess work or speculation, the facts are delivered directly to your client.

Get all of the Evidence

The human body is a collection plate of raw data. By implementing specialized testing protocols, specific laboratory diagnostic procedures, and cutting edge technology we have turned the human body into the ultimate assessment tool for indicating and determining what fungal, bacteriological, or secondary metabolites (Mycotoxins) it has been exposed to.

Get the Right Tests the First Time

The good news is we know exactly your clients are calling; we understand that Mold Sickness, exposure to mold, the symptoms of mold sickness and microbial exposure are real. Most of our clients have been to multiple doctors and hospitals and have wasted money and time on the wrong tests, inaccurate information and have been told, “Mold can’t make you sick”, and,” there is no such thing as Mold Sickness”. After seeking help many of our clients have even wrongly been told that they are not sick and need psychological help. We know why you are requesting biological profiling; we know exactly what you’re looking for, how to implement the right tests, and put the right reports and profiles quickly into your hands. That’s why EHAP Labs is America’s number center for the detection of fungus, mold and microbial exposure in the human body.

The Tests that can Change Everything

When your client has proved that they have not only been exposed to fungus, mold or bacteria in their environment, and that those toxins, compounds, and elements are present within their bodies, it simply no longer becomes an issue of if they have been exposed, it becomes a matter of how much damage has it done to them, their bodies, their families, or their employee’s health.

                                         BioTrek Labs the Right Tests the First Time

                   Making the Connection from the Human Body to the Environment