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For Decades the U.S. Federal Government has Regulated Mycotoxins in U.S. Foods and Our Food Surplus

Now you Can Test for these Poisons in your Body


"Click" the PDF's below are CDC papers detailing disease and death caused by these poisons produced by mold.

                             CDC Trichothecene            CDC Aflatoxin            CDC Ochratoxin 
Mycotoxins are poisons that are produced by mold/ fungus. The governments concern for years has been to keep these deadly fungi (mold) out of the general public's food supply. However, a new source of fungal growth and sources of mycotoxins has arisen. Water damaged indoor environments have been documented to produce the same disease causing fungi (mold) and mycotoxins that the federal government monitors in our food and food surplus. The United States Food and Drug Administration constantly monitors many foods for poisonous mycotoxins i.e. coffee, peanuts, corn, peanut butter, wheat, milk, grain and other foods. Through documented research it has been discovered that the very same species of mycotoxin producing fungi (mold) the FDA has sought to keep out of our food supply, are growing unchecked in homes throughout the United States. The main cause for this type of mold infestation is indoor water damage that has not been addressed correctly or has gone without repair.